APP Grand Rounds

Join us for UCSF APP Grand Rounds 



Registration Required! February 27, 2024 12:00 noon - 1:00 pm

Wildfires and Pregnancy | Laura Weil, Assistant Clinical Professor, Certified Nurse Midwife


**Dates, speakers and topics subject to change. For more information, please visit our website: UCSF APP Education Committee

APP Grand Rounds Archive (recordings)

February 2024 - Empowering the Advanced Practice Provider: A Strategic Toolkit for Effective Political Advocacy in Healthcare

Supporting Document - February 2024: A toolkit for Nurse Practitioners

January 2024 - Where We Stand: Inclusion of NPs and PAs in Healthcare Workforce Projections

December 2023 - Advanced Practice Providers: The Bridge to Headache Care

November 2023 - Evidence Based Insomnia Strategies for the Busy Clinician in Clinic

September 2023 - Frailty in Advanced Heart Failure

August 2023 - Oncology for Non-Oncology APPs

July 2023 - Urticaria: When You Can't Live in Your Skin!

June 2023 - Care of Transgender and Gender Diverse Patients Across Disciplines

Additional Resources shared - June 2023

May 2023 - Anal Cancer Prevention in the Primary and Specialty Settings

March 2023 - Preventing Hospital Acquired Infections

February 2023 - Cancer Survivorship

January 2023 - Acute Liver Failure: Initial Approach and What to Expect

December 2022HIV Prevention & Treatment Updates

November 2022 - Pancreatic Cancer - Overview & Updates

*Corrected response to question regarding Case Study #2: "Data from the ESPAC-4 clinical trial showed that the use of gemcitabine plus capecitabine was superior to gemcitabine alone."

September 2022 - Updates in Acute Myeloma Luekemia

July 2022 - Management of Hepatitis B and C

May 2022 - Anxiously Awaited: Nuerobiology & Personalized Treatment of Anxiety

April 2022 - Using Best Practices to Manage Asthma

March 2022 - Current Treatment Options for Sleep Disorders

February 2022 - Updates in Heart Failure Management

January 2022 - Revolutionizing Access to Person-Centered Mental Health Care

July 2021 - APP Evidence Based Practice

April 2021 - Antimicrobial Stewardship

October 2020 - Climate Change & Impacts on Health

October 2019 - Understanding The Clinician Role in The resolution in Health Inequities-Black Maternal Health as an Exemplar