Are you an APP student from outside of UCSF and interested in a clinical rotation? 


  1. It is your responsibility to identify an APP willing to serve as your preceptor. 
  2. You must submit this SmartSheet, at least three months in advance of your rotation. This is necessary to confirm that your program has an active affiliation agreement with UCSF or allows time to complete one. The Office of Advanced Practice Providers will confirm receipt of your intake form via email.
  3. Once an agreement is in place and you have secured an APP preceptor, The Office of Advanced Practice Providers will send a form to be completed by the sutdent and department manager of which the rotation will take place. You will also need to submit an image of your current Drivers License or State Issued ID Card to the Office of Advance Practice Provider via email. This information will be used to submit a request a Temporary/Contractor Employee ID Number (EID). 
  4. After obtaining the EID, a welcome letter will be sent to you, your preceptor, and the department manager via email outlining the next steps and expectations for the rotation. This will include: 
    1. APP student must complete five online trainings completed through the UCSF Learning Center. (UCSF ID is needed in order to complete these.)
    2. Department manager must submit Account Request Form (ARF) two weeks prior to rotation start to enable student account access to the appropriate platforms for the clinical area.
    3. Department manager must complete Badge Request Form on the rotation start date to enable student to obtain ID badge.
    4. APP student must obtain employee ID before entering clinical areas. The ID is to be worn visible and above the waist at all times.
  5. It is the responsibility of the preceptor and department manager to ensure that the above steps have been completed prior to the rotation start.

If you have any questions regarding this process, please reach out to us at [email protected]